Thursday, June 11, 2009

which came first

the chicken or the egg.

so i've seen commercials from multiple paint companies that now offer primer and paint mixed in 1 can. knowing what the purpose of primer is, i either declare this a scam, or scamola. or possibly...i don't what primer does.

what i think primer does: primer goes on before the paint to:
A: cover blemishes such as dark spots
B: create a pure white base coat to ensure the color being applied is the true color and not bleed out.
C: to cover stains. similiar to A.

so my theory on the primer mixed with the paint. that means you put them both on at the exact same time and either the primer knows to go to the back and the paint knows to go to the front (in which case, they're some sort of robot and will take over the earth) or's all a crock of shit to make people think they don't need to primer. think Garnier Fructis. yeah. shampoo + conditioner = rough, unmanagable hair. and my hair is only 1/2 tall and i'm going bald. i declare two things:
1. you don't always need primer. if you have a whiteish wall to start or a solid color wall that isn't too dark and is free of dark marks, you don't need primer unless you are an art major and really know your colors.
2. if you do need a primer (previous owners let their kids draw on the walls because they were forclosed on and no longer cared about the house, or were too retarded to tighten their washing machine hoses all the way and the water ran down the wall staining it), you will want to put an actual primer on to ensure the bad shit is covered.

if you have discovered that indeed the primer/paint mix does the job properly and have proof for me. by all means, show me. i love learning.....learning that you are a liar.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ready. set. pictures!

the germany pictures are finally done.

there are alot of them as usual. enjoy. or don't. doesn't matter to me.

Monday, June 1, 2009

the amazing jason

guess what i'm not.

a mind reader. guess what i'm also not....

3 people.

so why doesn't everyone just calm the fuck down and take a nap under the patience tree. i'll get to your shit when i get to it. also, sorry if you fucked up something because you were unwilling to communicate with me. maybe you should have answered one of my multiple requests i sent to prevent this very issue.

lesson learned? probably not.