Thursday, April 28, 2011

Goose Attack 2011

There are a couple of geese attacking a window at work. We've tried to combat it by hanging pictures of snarling dogs on the windows, but they just move to a window without the picture. Here is a short video of goose attack 2011. It's pretty much just this, over and over again, non-stop.

I survived goose attack 2011 and all i got was this lousy blog post.

Monday, April 4, 2011

what's a barcode.......what's lettuce?

so tonight i witnessed one of the most amazing things ever.
tonight i stopped by kroger to pick up a frozen pizza. i got into the self checkout line because the full service lines had about 30 people in them. most of the time, the self check out lines are fine. the times the self checkout sucks....oh man does it suck.

tonight i watched a lady who had very obviously never used the self checkout before. she was scanning items from her cart simply by chance. what i mean by "simply by chance" is she was grabbing her items and just waving them around in the area of the scanner. waving, twisting, shaking....anything that might get the bar code in front of the scanner. and by that i mean it was apparent that the lady had know idea that the bar code had to be scanned. she just knew that people walked up to the machine, waved their selections in front of it, it beeped, then they got to go home with their selection.

so after watching for several minutes as she waved items randomly around in the hopes it would beep, she came to her head of lettuce that she had placed in a bag herself. those that have ever bought a head of lettuce that wasn't pre-packaged knows that they don't come in a package or with a bar code. the best you get if you're paying attention is the little 4 digit number that tells the computer what the produce is.

so i watch her start waving her head of lettuce around the scanner in the hopes it would scan. but jason, you say, there is no bar code. there is no way it will work. she's wasting her time. of course. i know this, you know this. everyone but this lady knows this. so i continue to watch her attempt to scan. most people would have eventually stopped her and explained to her what her fault was. any other day, i may have agreed. today...i needed to see how long it would take her to figure it out. so i watched her for almost 7 minutes until she finally gave up and asked the attendant for the self serve checkout.

how is it possible that you have no idea that store clerks scan a bar code on the package, and if you're that dumb,why would you choose the self checkout. i feel fulfilled and empty at the same time.