Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my comic

i would love to update my comic on a regular basis, but godaddy is so shitty, that i can't do that. currently, i am getting "unable to connect to server" errors when i try to upload. by the end of this month, my web server that i have been building will be up and running and i will be more godaddy fuckups and rules.

until then, if i miss a comic or two here or there, blame godaddy. also, never buy godaddy hosting.

Monday, January 25, 2010

the great european trip of 09/10

Everyone has waited for a long time (some even patiently) for the pictures from our trip. After about 2 weeks of spending my free time in photoshop and writing code, building web a new web server, not using said server due to tech issues and just general non stop work on the pictures.....they are done and are ready for your enjoyment.
You will have to click on each destination on the map to view the pictures (geography lesson!!).
Chronologically, the trip went as follows (to aide you in your navigation of the map)

London England (United Kingdom on the map)
Paris France
Florence Italy
Sienna Italy
Rome Italy
There are a lot of pictures, so i suggest the following: grab a beer, or 24 and maybe a light snack. sit down in front of the computer and spend time looking through them. i can't stress this enough...there are a lot of pics. about 1200 from this trip. You might also think about doing it in stages like we did. start off one day in London. The next day head to Paris.. and so on.
Now there are some of you that are thinking "1200 pictures? there's no way i can make it through all of those (dad). I'm sure to fall asleep (dad)." and for those of you i say "that's the magic of the internet. you can look at as many or as little as you like.
If you find any errors (broken pictures, photo comments that are obviously not for the picture that is showing, photos of cuban dictators marked CIA) please let me know so i can fix them. Working on photos for 2 solid weeks along with work as turned my brain into a fine mush that i am calling "Dr. Jason's Patented Brainsauce". One spoonful will clear up acne, stop hiccups, and de-gangrene your frozen toes.
So anyway, those are the pics. enjoy or don't. your call.
Quick navigation tips for the photo pages. To the left are the thumbnail pictures. Click on the first one to start. the arrows below the thumbnails control the thumbnails, not the photos themselves. you an navigate through the photos one at a time by holding your mouse over the large photo (an arrow will appear that you can click on) or you can press the right arrow key on the keyboard to move forward.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

planes trains and automobiles

we are back from europe. i will have pictures and stories soon. for now, you'll get to bask in the glow of my awesome morning of chaos and back luck.

8:45am - 65 North - 70mph.
a large, roughly 2ft, chunk of semi exhaust with the coupling piece attached appears in the road in front of me. after a loud thump, some bouncing of the car and terrible shaking and thumping noises as i pull off the road, i get to the following:

i'm not currently putting on that spare you see there because it actually has a nail in it and is flat. i also found that the car does not have a wrench to take the tire off, just the jack.

heather met me and brought me tools and an air pump. flash forward to the tire being on the car and discovering that now the car won't start.

flash forward to the car being in our garage after being towed across town. here is the funness of what the exhaust piece did to our car:

notice right in the center of the picture how the support is caved in and the bolt that holds the rack on is bent to the right

another view of the rack, only you can see to the left the other bolt that holds it on and how it's nice and straight.

the piece came in, hit there on the drivers side, shot across the front into the inside of the passenger side front tire causing the large cut above, smashed into the inside of the wheel well denting that as well and flying out from under the car.

about $200 later and a burned PTO day, the car is back up and running and seems to be just as good as it was before the semi unloaded it's exhaust system upon me.