Wednesday, March 16, 2011

60W vs AwesomeW

So tonight, while i try to build my comic buffer so that i can be done with comics until i get back from a wedding in Savannah next week, i discovered that the light above my stove went out. so i replaced it with a 100w equivalent CFL bulb. what that really means is that i replaced it with a 100x better bulb with better lighting. now i know some of you will disagree.....Heather...You like the old filament bulbs. look! look at our kitchen. it's wonderful. i bet you didn't even notice it until i wrote it in this article.

point being:
    does the bulb take a min to warm up?  - not anymore
    is the bulb bright white? -  not anymore!!
    does the bulb take 10billion watts of electrons? (no...but it's still more efficient than the older bulbs)

huzaa for CFLs that match/better incandescent bulbs.