Wednesday, February 24, 2010

it's been almost a month

and i apologize. i've been trying not to just blog about my regular bitchings and the comic has been taking up all the extra internet time i have (because i pretty much refuse to sit on the internet when i get home from work since i spend all damn day on the internet at work).

so tonight i am both blogging and rewriting my comic site. why? well i am rewriting my comic site because i am switching to my own web server instead of paying godaddy money to suck and i'm blogging because i had an idea today and i'm currently waiting for SQL server to install on my new web server.

my idea?

The movie "50 First dates is completely fucked up"

ok. so those not familar with the movie, adam sandler's f character falls in love with drew barrymore's character. drew's character got into an accident and is unable to create new memories. meaning every day she wakes up and thinks it's the day just before her accident.

why the movie is fucked up:
1. she's already going to wake up one day and look in the mirror and see that she's 70 and think that she's 28. can you imagine how terrible that would be?

and that actually has nothing to do with the movie...just the problem of not being able to make new memories.

why the movie is fucked up?

1. he finds a girl he knows won't remember him in the morning....and he goes back.
2. he finds a girl he knows won't remember him in the morning and thinks....i love her. she'll never remember a single thing we've ever done or for that me up.
3. he follows her around, learning her routine and uses it against her. other people do that too. they're called stalkers.
4. he uses the info he gains from stalking to try and make her fall in love with him.
5. (spoiler alert) at the end of the movie, they get married, move to a house boat with her family, and they have a kid. here's why the entire ending of the movie is god awful terrible:
a. he convinced her to marry her, which means, since she doesn't remember him everyday that she wakes up, that in one day he figured out a way to make her fall in love with her in under 24 hours and marry her in the same day.
b. eventually, after months and months of her waking up to her new "husband" that she's never met, he somehow convinces her (tricks her) into moving onto a house boat and driving that boat to some obscure ass place.
c. each and every day, she had to wake up, realize she was on a boat in the middle of no where with her family and some stranger (her husband) and had to figure out why.
d. eventually, she got preggers. that's right, every morning she had to wake up, figure out why she was out on a boat with some random dude and her family and why she was getting fatter.
e. eventually, she had to wake up, realizes she was on a boat in the middle of ??? with some random dude and her family, that she 8 months preggers even though yesterday she was on land and not preggers at all, and that the father is the random guy on the boat.
f. AND.....Eventually.......she wakes up, realizes she's on a boat in the middle of ??? with her family and some random guy and some random kid. guess what. not a random kid....YOUR kid. that's right. yesterday, you were 28, single, and on land and today you are 35, have a kid and on a boat in the middle of no where. pretty fucked up.
g. so each and every day, you wake up, realize you are on a boat in the middle of ?? with some random guy, some random kid (yours) and your family and you are expected to love both the random guy and the kid.

the fucked up part of that is that adam sandler's character is completely cool with this. i have to be honest with you, if heather got all bashed in and it made her not remember anything that happened after today, i would say "why oh why! what a horrible thing for everyone!" not "damn....this is my chance to be able to do whatever i want to her and if i get bored, i can just leave and she will literally not have any idea that i existed. in fact, she'll probably die alone with some stranger kid out on a random boat in the middle of no where.

50 first dates. one of the most fucked up movies ever.