Friday, May 28, 2010

i'm a lying sack of shit

as the title says, i'm a lying sack of shit. turns out everything works great with the changes i made to my web server other than the fact that i'm unable to upload any new comics.

so, sadly, gentlemansbeardmonthly is not going to have any new comics until i can figure out why i'm not able to upload new ones.

update: lying sack of shit status is being revoked. I figured out the problem and a new comic is currently posted. never forget how awesome i am.

gentlemans beard monthly 2

well after spending wednesday night completely rebuilding my web server, the comic webpage is back up and running!! no more errors, no more missing images, and the comments area works now!!.

hip hip.....hoooooraaaaaaayy!!!!

Side note and a fun fact: there have been a string of arsons on the far east side of indy over the last month and it turns out the fires were being set by a cop!!! yay indy police force. One of the worst police forces in the world. If i were ever being robbed, i don't think i would call the police as they would most likely just steal the rest of my shit that the robbers didn't take.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

gentlemans beard monthly

some of you have probably seen some problems with my site. here are the problems i know about:

sometimes it pops up a login box when you go to the site. just click cancel. if it keeps happening, close your browser and open it again. i'm not sure why it does this, but i'm looking into it.

as of today (5/26) it appears my RSS feed is Fucked. it only appears to be fucked on readers like google reader and the browsers firefox and chrome. regular rss still works on IE and opera. readers appear to be fucked.

the good news? i didn't change anything on my server to cause this to happen. the bad news? i didn't change anything on my server to cause this to happen. so for those of you that user readers to view my comic, i am sorry. i will either figure it out or smash my server to little bits with a sledge hammer. either way, you will know because either the reader will start working again, or my webpage will disappear forever as it will be in tiny, tiny pieces.

side note to anyone thinking about hosting wordpress on your own server on an At&t connection....don't. take an unsharpened pencil and jam it up your pee hole instead. it will be less painful.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week 3


they finally took all of my garbage. All i had to do was take all of the garbage out of the garbage can, take any small stuff and put it into a larger bag and ensure that none of the bags were stuck in the can.

who knew paying someone to take my garbage would be so much work. especially since my neighbors appear to be able to throw away anything they want and the garbage men take it. we're talking chunks of wood with nails in them sticking out of the garbage can, boxes that are not broken down, and just loose trash all inside the can and around the can.

i must figure out a way to modify a garbage bag to break just when i want it to. then i can fill it with loose litter and cat waste, and just when it's dangling over their feet or in their hands BOOM! out comes the crap. all over them and the ground. i can have a camera setup to snap a picture just at that moment. just like on a roller coaster. then the next week, i can give them their pictures in little cardboard frames to document their fun at my house that day.

and yes i'm aware i will be the one cleaning the cat crap out of the street. it will be totally worth it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

week 2

well, for the second week in a row my garbage men have refused to take my garbage. they took the two bags i had laying on the ground next to the garbage can, but left the contents of the garbage can in place. I even took 1/2 of the content of the garbage can out and put it into one of the bags i had on the ground. so the garbage can consisted of 1 large garbage bag and several smaller, tied closed, grocery bags of cat litter.

i would say that maybe the guy has a thing about touching bags of cat crap, but since i have lived here for 3 years and they have never refused to empty the can....i just don't know.

maybe i just need to hang out at home next tuesday and when the truck pulls up, i can run out, hand them a pad of paper and a pen, tell them to take notes, then pick the garbage can up and dump it into the truck myself. maybe i should give them crayons instead of a pencil.

i wish i had a job where i could deprive them of a basic service they pay for just because i'm lazy.