Thursday, September 17, 2009

failures and photo albums

so pretty much everyday from about august 12th until now, i've been about 20 min late for work everyday. this is because suddenly traffic on the highway has increased and i spend alot of time sitting in traffic jam on my way to work.

today i decided to try something. i woke up about 20 min earlier than normal in an attempt to get to work on time. the results? i got to work 22min late instead of 20 min late. so tomorrow i will be waking up at my normal time because fuck waking up early to get to work even later. the problem is i woke up earlier so i got on the road earlier. the earlier you are on the highway, the heavier the traffic is. so my getting onto the highway earlier just meant the traffic jam was a couple of miles longer than normal.

now here is a bold statement that i honestly believe. I blame children for my long, annoying morning commute. children have made me late for work everyday since mid august. how can i say this? ok. follow along. i'm serious about this.

mid august is when school started. i think there were alot of parents that went to work at different times during the summer because they were waiting for a babysitter or daycare or something. so they got on the road at a different time. now that school is back in session, they merely have to wait for the kid to get on the bus which gives them the opportunity to get on the road at the same time as me which means there are alot more cars on the road with me. the only day i tend to get to work on time during school is on friday and that's just because of all of the people that skip work on friday.

also, operation make my web photo albums uniform starts today. the goal is to take all of my albums i have on my site and make the interfaces all the same and speed up some of the slower albums. during this i also hope to actually get the US map working on my site (as currently the pins are way off and do not link to pictures). this is all in preps for our winter trip so i can quickly and easily add those pics to the map after we get back.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

i think my car is trying to tell me something

what's that car? want me to burn things?

perhaps i should name my car christine.