Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"yeah, i'm kind of an expert"

everyone is very happy that you are really good at making hoagie sandwiches for your retard kids you complain about. just do us a favor and converse about it at a lower voice level. i don't want to have my music up so loud my headphones make my ears bleed, but i will if it will drown out the endless droning of the hoagie creation process.

oh, now we're on to homemade mac n cheese. don't you people have credit cards to process?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Extra! Extra! Indianapolis is a boring place to live!

2 years ago they rebuilt I-70 through indianapolis. in doing so, they made the ramp leading to 465 fairly sharp. now about 7 times a year, a semi takes the exit too fast and flips over. it's why i never drive side by side with a semi on that exit. it's common, no one ever gets hurt, and it's not news.

this morning on my drive to work, i get on i-70 and see the fox news helicopter circling just ahead of me. my thoughts went from "shit, what happened on 70 and how late for work am i going to be" to "oh, it's just another flipped semi".

on the scene:
1 - Fox news copter 59. bringing you a birds eye view of crappy news
1 - Fox 59 action news van.
3 - Fox 59 action camera men

3 cameras on the ground and 1 in the air all to cover a semi that fell over and got a boo boo. the best part is their news story. it's the top story on their site currently.
Top Story! Overturned semi closes ramp to i-70 from i-465. Many will be 5 min late for work! more at 11!.

so i repeat, 3 camera men, and a HELICOPTER!. and the picture they use for their news story is the picture from the traffic camera that is 1/2 a mile away and of poor quality.

also, for being a top story, you would think they would have more than 2 small, non descriptive paragraphs.

i have added a picture of the story as well just in case the story is either removed, or the "most popular photo galleries" section is different from when i wrote this. why?

because currently the only other news besides the semi that couldn't are a fail blog and mugshots.

Tonight on Fox news, a dog gets hit in the face with a tennis ball. the owner laughed for hours. stay tuned for our unwavering coverage of fail dog.

also, maybe they should rename their mugshot gallery "Fox 59 Mugshots in the News"
to me, that means that the mugshots are of fox 59 employees that have committed crimes. which is actually more interesting than what it really is which is just mugshots they got from the cops, put on the news, then made a news article about how pictures they bought made it to the news of their own news channel.

tonight on fox news, local man writes a really long blog post about our lame news network. stick with fox news for uninterrupted coverage of the birds in the tree outside his house while we wait for him to come home.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i have never felt more justified in my life

so most of you probably know about my feelings for purdue north central, mainly the professors there. you may know that i hang up my degree from there not because i am proud of it, but because i spent money on it so i may as well display it. for those that don't know the stories and want to, let me know and i will tell you.

most of you have probably heard my long, foaming at the mouth rants about the professors there and how bad they are and how i don't think they are fit to teach at all, let alone a college level course.

well today i found a page called rate my professors.com. i just happened to look up my two "favorite" teachers from pnc to see how other people rate them and i found that my rants are in no way unique. in fact, i feel as if my rant material has been stolen from me :) all it means it that i'm not the only person that was treated the exact same way.

the following are my two favorite professors and their best ratings:
Mick Lantis: (fancy pants)

This professor is of poor quality at best, He stumbles through the material presented and only reads the power points the publishers of the book created. He also boots his low self-esteem by talking down to most all of his students, some know more than he does in the class as it is. He also reeks of "I Didn't see myself doing this in 20 years".
Professor completely incompetent. Doesn't know the first thing about anything. The class is suposed to be web design. He teaches it as a web programming class, where you learn absolutely no design skills whatsoever. Tests have incorrect questions, answers and misspellings. I have a hard time believing this guy even knows how to wipe his own butt.
Cant teach and stumbles through the book, needs to really learn his material and be able to provide more real life experiances
He has no idea how to teach a college level course effectively. His lecture consist of him reading some powerpoint slides created by the book publisher, and stumbling through examples with the guidance of the "nerds" in the class. The tests are impossible, and he randomly accuses people of cheating.
Cant teach at all, does not know the material reads powerpoint slides and uses the code the book provides. Does not even understand a question if you are to ask him
Uses Frontpage often in a web design class. That in and of itself is terrible. The books have outdated and (now) inaccurate info; his knowledge of the subjects at hand did not often go beyond what was in the book. Misspellings common on tests. Not a very good teacher overall. Avoid his classes.
Professor has appaling overall teaching style. His students in some cases know more about presented coursework. His tests are absolutely terrible. There are in correct answers on tests he will not modify grade to reflect corrected answers.

Judy Serwatka:
This was a networking class and she knew next to nothing about the subject. Whenever a student asked a question, she would invariably respond with "I don't know." I work in I.T. and have experience in networking environments, and can say that she is not fit to teach college level computer courses.
The fact that this is a "Programming for the Internet" course and that we use Frontpage is contradictory. Also, the webpage she hypes so much that she owns and maintains proves that she should not teach web programming. Link: http://lakeeffectmiataclub.home.att.net/

it's good to see that my little encounter with Lantis didn't change him at all and he still accuses people of cheating.

i'm also very disappointed that Serwatka's webpage is no longer up and running. but i guess that is good because it saves you from soaking up the blood coming from your eyes.

on a side note, i looked up most of my Purdue main campus professors and they had the ratings i was expecting there as well. example: He's hard as hell and makes you work your ass off, but he really knows his stuff and you learn more than you were expecting. great class.

oh pnc, you're like an experiment in how NOT to do things.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Nascar is pretty obvious in it's attempts to be the most commercial entity ever, anywhere. the cars are rolling billboards and the drivers are walking billboards. you literally can't do anything Nascar related without some sort of sponsor or ad. Nascar is quickly selling themselves into oblivion. I am a pretty dedicated Nascar fan, but over the last few years, they have become so commercial, that i don't particulary care to watch most of the races. they are boring.

how can someone that loves racing think a race is boring? well i dvr all of races i want to watch and watch them later without the commercials. this literally makes a 4 hour race go 1.5 hours. 2.5 hours of a tv broadcast of a race is a commercial. that would basically be like having to watch the daily show, but only seeing 6 min of the show while the rest was commercials. they also have 3 hours of prerace show (not a joke) and the sport has become so dependant on looking good for the advertisers that they are not allowed to use any type of fowl language, they are not allowed to bump each other on the track and if they race each other too hard, they can be penalized. seriously. if they get too into the race, they can be pull off the track or fined thousands of dollars for doing the very thing that made the sport what it is. they took a working, sucessful formula for entertaining racing that millions of people liked, then they sold the shit out of it and turned it into a feel good fest.

but i stray from my original reason for this blog. today i went to the nascar pageto watch highlights of one of the races that was this weekend. there was a 30 second clip of part of the race i wanted to see. in order to keep their 30 second clips free for viewing, they added commericals before the clip. fine. lots of people do that. but today, in order to watch my 30 second clip, they made me watch 1min and 10 sec worth of commercials. there is just something utterly wrong with that. but i guess if you apply the 2.5 hours for 4 hour race equation above, it makes sense. the other shit burger they served up was after i watched the 1:10 worth of commercials to watch the 30sec clip, instead of the clip, i got a timeout error with a spelling error in it. your commercials were so long, that the video itself timedout and your webmaster can't use spellcheck.

i would be an indycar fan, but they sold all their tv rights to a station i don't get. looks like if i want to be a race fan, i'm going to have to break out my little die cast cars and play racecars with heather. vroom vroom! and Tabitha wins the meow mix 400!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

wal-mart math

according to a wal-mart commercial i just saw,

if all 200 million of their customers bought a bissel little green clean machine made of 50% recycled material, it would be like recycling 2 million bags of garbage. in that same logic, that means that you are also creating 2 more million bags of garbage for the 50% that isn't made with recycled materials. not to mention all the other god awful, wasteful things wal-mart does that destroys the environment (building buildings, then building a new one 2 miles away and abandoning the old one and refusing to sell it, etc...). but the good news is they bring up the economy by running companies out of business that won't deal with them and destroying the companies that will deal with them by forcing them to sell to wal-mart at prices below what it takes to operate their business.

i'm done.

p.s.- blogspot thinks i spelled commercial wrong. here are the options it gave me to fix it (notice non of the options are the correct word):

i can't make that shit up folks.

windows vista weather

on my dashboard on my vista computer, i have the little weather tool. right now it's showing grey with snow and the temp.

I think a good enhancement request for vista would be to have different pictures for the weather at different times. for example in december, i think the current snowy grey icon is just fine. but in april, snow is a little less acceptable. therefore i have created the appropriate icon for when it snows in april.