Wednesday, July 11, 2012

best support call ever

this is a conversation i heard from the company next to mine (about 2 cubes away) while the guy in my building attempted to troubleshoot a microphone issue over the phone:

-  i can't really hear you, it sounds wet, like it's raining....
-  pull it in and out a few times....
-  no, still wet...try jamming it in harder
-  ...nope, still can't really hear you, try putting your mouth closer
-  ...noooo. same buzz... try turning it around and trying from behind...
-  ...hmmm. maybe it's something to do with the noise cancellation

I have absolutely nothing to accomplish today that will top that actual support call.

Monday, July 2, 2012

New TV show

i came up with a new TV show idea that is too long to explain via twitter.

Title: Dildo Santorini

Idea: The character is pretty much exactly like Colombo, except he's Greek and instead of cigars, he constantly has a handful of Greek olives. Maybe instead of investigating murders, he investigates homes all across greece to figure out which pet is peeing on the floor.

Catchphrase: Olive you know...i've solved the case.