Friday, January 28, 2011

My beard

This isn't a very interesting post. Not a lot of humor here. 99% of it is just a picture of my current beard. 1.5 weeks. BEARD. I'm living what i preach. Beards and Humor. Comedy and Facial hair. Notice the slightly reddish tone of my my skin caused by both shitty skin and the irritation of the beard. I didn't notice how red my skin was until i took these pics as i'm past the itchy beard stage. I've decided this beard will remain until I am told to remove it (so if you're reading this Heather and you want a clean shaven husband.....charge my razor and tell my to shave) otherwise it going to turn out 2 ways:

way the first: i maintain the current length  by keeping the beard sharp and trimmed to the current length.

way the latter: i grow it like the warmth of my face depends on it and i'm super curious to see what i look like with an actual (longer than 2.5 weeks (my longest beard to date)) beard.

unless word comes down from on high, the latter is my choice. if heather can tolerate the beard, i will post pictures. if she can't (which i will crumble to because i enjoy kissing her), then i will shave it faster than by razor can spin.

i leave you with a fun bit of information: at 1.5 weeks, i can take a bent paper clip and gently slide it into my beard and it will stick. that's what i do at work. i stick heavier and heavier items into my beard to find what will stick and what falls through.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

awesome last names

here are a few of the awesome last names i have recently come across:


and finally....