Monday, April 23, 2012

Things I need to know

So sometimes life throws you questions that need to be answered above all else. I am going to present one of those questions to you.

So, in the movie/series The Highlander, sometimes when people die, they find they are immortal, come back to life, and are now part of a group of sword wielding people that don't age and can hear when another one is around by a noise only they hear so that they can get out their swords to cut each others heads off to gain the others power.

My question that needs to be answered, let's say a baby is born, ages about 6 months, then dies of whooping cough or something. That baby ends up being a highlander and comes back to life. The baby is now doomed to live out it's entire life as a 6mo old, no matter how long it lives.

Question 1: being trapped in a 6 mo old body, let's how long do you think it would survive? would other highlanders NOT cut off it's head because the quickening would be small and not worth it, or maybe because they don't believe the baby is actually immortal so they move along and assume the noise they heard belonged to someone they just missed.

Question 2: Let's say the baby manages to survive for 200 years, being stuck in a 6 mo old body, would the baby eventually learn everything like an adult like walking and talking or would it's perpetual baby chemistry prevent it from evolving past that of a 6 mo old?

Friday, April 20, 2012

'As cute as your kid' campaign: Episode 2: Jason's first cake!

Other examples of how fucking adorable this is!

I'm every bit as cute as those little shits.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

'As cute as your kid' campaign

So, as most of you probably have discovered, Facebook is pretty much just "pictures of my baby" book. I've decided to start a campaign to prove that I am as cute (or cuter) than your stupid baby.

Every wednesday until i get bored with it, I will post a new picture of me in the same pose as lame pictures of kids I find on facebook proving that i am just as cute as a stupid toddler.

As cute as your kid wednesday's will start this week. Stay tuned!

This is not to offend any new parents out there. It's just to prove that I am still as cute as a toddler, only i can drive a car and reach stuff on top of the fridge which makes me 100x cooler than your stupid kid.