Thursday, October 29, 2009

i had an idea of selling tacos to hungry people. NO ONE ELSE CAN SELL TACOS NOW!

so pepsi is being sued for $1.26 billion by two guys from Wisconsin. They are claiming that many years ago, they came up with the idea of putting water into bottles....and then selling it. I mean, think of it. it's genius. before those guys, you had to drink water by cupping your hands together or drinking it off of a plate. you didn't even invent the liquid. you took something the earth made and....well you get the idea.

now i'm not saying that these guys didn't come up with the idea first, i'm just saying that it's not like they spent millions developing a new type of engine that runs on love that no one else could have ever thought of. They thought about containing water for future use. I declare that this idea was actually invented by nature and that nature should sue these guys for 1.56 trillion Bazillion dollars. i mean, think of all of the money nature would have made over the years (6k years if you're a bible thumper or something like 5 billion years if you use logic).

oh, and here's the other fun fact. the true inventors of capturing water in a bottle worked at a bottling plant and shorty after they "invented" it, they showed their design to pepsi. rule number one of inventing is to NOT take your invention to someone that does the same job as you without getting your invention patented first. rule two of inventing is you actually have to invent something. waving your hand quickly and claiming you have invented wind is bullshit. now find a way to make a constant form of wind, maybe by spinning large leaves or boards quickly and guess what. you did it! you invented a fan. now quick. go get a patent on it. don't immediately take it to Hunter and show them, glowing with pride, and not expect them to steal the idea.

i hope the guy that first put dirt into a bag doesn't get wind of this.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

stop hitting me heather!!!! noooooooo!

for weeks heather has been passive aggressively harassing me about the lack of blog posts and web comics. so i'm hear, via blog post, to tell you that starting monday, i will be posting a new web comic. This comic does not have a theme like the gracie comic did. this is just stupid shit that drills its way into my head. some if it may not be funny to you. some of it may not make sense to you. some of it might only be funny to me. for those of you that experience this, i hate you. get a sense of humor. if you do not find the same things funny that i do, you're obviously dead inside.

i will try to make the comic a monday, wed, friday thing but if i forget a day, do me a favor and keep the complaint to yourself. i'm only human.

also, i will be posting the comic directly to the blog and not creating a page like the gracie comic because that interface sucked to deal with on my end and i'm much to lazy to write my own interface.

Monday, October 5, 2009

you shoot it up your nose

no seriously. the H1N1 (popularly known as the Pork Flu) vaccine is injected up the nose. fuck going right into the blood stream and getting right to work. lets shoot that shit up the nose like cocaine and have a fucking paaaaaarty!. wooooo.

indystar: worst writers ever?:

Indianapolis medical workers became the first in the country today to receive a dose of the H1N1 flu vaccine – a nasal mist meant to give first responders protection against the illness, which has been blamed for hundreds of deaths since it was first identified six months ago.

maybe i'm the only one that read the above as: indianapolis medical workers got a nasal mist meant to protect against the illness, but has been blamed for hundreds of deaths. now i know it's probably correct (i say probably because i'm as good at english as i am at math....which is bad, but regardless (or irregardless for the mentally retarded of my readers) of that fact, to me, it read as if the vaccine was responsible for hundreds of deaths....and it was injected in the nose.

80 days until the next european vacation. my goals from now until then: get a bunch of freelance web jobs and make a bunch of money, avoid the Pork Flu vaccine, do some other things that i have forgotten because i'm distracted by tv (damn you comedy central) and learn french. must learn french. heather has to learn fancy spanish and i have to learn french.............must not fail on french.