Monday, August 8, 2011


It rained in Indy today which means the entire city collapsed into chaos.

Trees down, power lines down, accidents everywhere, general slowness in driving.

The city literally comes to a screeching stop when the slightest rain or snow happens. It boggles my mind.

After surviving rainpocalypse, I cam home to see an envelope laying on the ground next to the mailbox. I finally realized it was most likely originally wedged between the flag and mail box since it said "do not bend on it". Because of this, it was of course, soaked to the bone.

But wait.... usually only important things say do not bend.......shit.

Yes, not sure if laughing or crying is needed for such a bad luck situation, but that would be Colin's diploma laying soaking on the ground. You know, his doctorate of Law that cost him $200k.....
The first day it rains in Indy in about 20 years and it's also the day something 'do not bend' shows up in the mail.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Introductions all around

So I figure I should follow up my slow death of a car post with the victorious welcoming of a new car and a new brother to the family.

The new car has arrived and is awesome:

I don't usually name cars, and I don't plan on calling this car by name, but if I were to name it, it would be Stalin.

Why? it's red and it's the people's car. I know it's german, but Stalin conquered the germans.

But wait Jason, a new brother? did you get a polish refugee with your new car?

No. Some of you may or may not know of my little friend, Senior
Honeybear. He's a sombrero wearing, pipe smoking, chainsaw wielding honey bear and today his long lost brother has come back from Turkey to see us. I introduce to you, Bedouin Honeybear.

Why YES! that IS Iowa Hawkeyes legendary quarterback Chuck Long making an appearance in the background. How nice of you to notice!