Thursday, November 7, 2013

Healthcare Photos

So i just went to pay a medical bill and the rotating photos on the webpage were comical enough (at least to me) for me to make fun of them here. So here goes:

The guy smiling before jamming this lady in a tube is one thing, but where the hell is the tech by the computers looking? did a bird fly by just off camera right when the picture was taken?

Hey guys, before you put her in there, can i get a quick pic? Yes i realize she's probably dying that's why you just just let me take the pic already. great. now how about another one where you guys look like you're doing something. Nancy, rest your hand unnaturally on the machine, Rob, pretend to be locking her head in while not looking. 

Another example of a bird flying by just off camera. She's clearly pointing out to the horrified kid that it is in fact a tumor and not a smudge, but just can't keep her eyes off that crazy duck hanging out just off camera. WHAT'S THAT DUCK DOING???

This is what mountain dew code red looks like inside your body as it works its way out your poop chute. 

"I'm having a lot of fun sonograming your neck!"
'i'm also having a good time, but it kind of hurts to smile'
"yeah, that's cystic hygroma, for ya."

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